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What Does the Land Give to You?

In 1970, the same year that the first Earth Day launched the modern environmental movement, a group of Amherst residents came together to form what would become Kestrel Land Trust. Since then, in partnership with towns, willing landowners, supporters and other partners, Kestrel has helped conserve more than 25,000 acres of forests, farmland, parks, and waterways in Connecticut River Valley of Massachusetts.

But we can’t stop now.

New England is still losing 24,000 acres to development every year—and the Valley is experiencing this head-on. At the same time, the climate crisis is bearing down, threatening our wildlife habitat, forests, and farms.

Protecting the land is a crucial component of a nature-based solution to fighting climate change. That’s why Kestrel is committed to the new national “30 by 30” initiative, a science-driven conservation goal to protect 30% of U.S. lands and waters by 2030. 

We want to create a Valley where people thrive because nature thrives, and local food and trails deepen our connections to land, water and wildlife; where all people and wildlife have a healthy, safe home; and where we feel connected to the land and to each other.

We must protect these lands while we still have the chance.

On Earth Day, please join other people like you who love the land! You will support Kestrel’s work to conserve the landscapes that define this Valley—from the Mount Holyoke and Mount Tom Ranges to Mount Toby, and from Puffers Pond to Fitzgerald Lake. 

During this challenging time when everyone needs natural places to get outdoors for their mental and physical well-being, we all need the land more than ever.

We are on this journey together. Your gift, whatever the size, will help build the future of the Valley—and the planet. 

The next 50 years start now, with your generous support!

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